For our architecture and interior design trade clients, we interpret the client's or designer's art collecting tastes and inclinations. By commingling the client’s vision with the home’s overall design aesthetic, the result is a carefully sourced and highly personalized art collection reflective of the client’s lifestyle, values, and long-term acquisition strategy.

Luxury residences become artistically rich and well-balanced, be it a single painting or more typically an entire residence. By using properly scaled art, designers achieve a specific look and feel germane to that project’s aesthetic.

Corporate collections

Fine art plays an important role in the public image a company projects. Finance, industry, law, and even medical professionals benefit by investing in a corporate art collection that speaks to and represents the core values of the business brand. Art can be an exciting design feature as well as a solid portfolio investment.

Public art projects

We work hand in hand with local municipalities and government offices to exceed expectations for public fine art. By installing high-caliber, timeless fine art sculpture, these works become part of the tapestry, legacy and heritage within the community.